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As Californians are aware, some parts of the state are facing greater levels of drought severity than others. To ensure that it can maintain a flow of water to its residential and business customers, California Water Service follows a set of drought severity stages to determine the level of its conservation and assess potential water-use restrictions.

The stages of drought are as follows: 

When Stage 1 drought conditions are declared, we implement policies and guidelines for reducing water usage by 10 percent. During Stage 1, residential and business customers are subject to water use restrictions, including limiting landscape irrigation times, mandating repairs of leaks in a timely manner, and requiring shut-off nozzles to wash a car.

During Stage 1, violators are subject to the installation of water measurement devices and fines of up to $50 for subsequent violations. Egregious violators will be subject to the installation of a flow-restricting device.

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