What are the rules for indoor water use?

While there are not currently prohibited uses of water indoors, we encourage all customers to reduce their use inside their homes and businesses. By taking simple steps such as reducing shower lengths and turning off the tap while brushing teeth, shaving, and peeling vegetables, along with utilizing water-efficient toilets and washing machines, customers can substantially lower their indoor use. 

There are several ways customers can reduce their water use indoors, whether turning off the tap while brushing teeth, shaving, and peeling vegetables, installing high-efficiency plumbing devices, such as faucet aerators and showerheads, replacing water-hogging toilets and washing machines, or shortening shower times. More tips are available at calwater.com/conservation/can-save-water-home/. We even have music playlists that help customers track shower time.

Installing water-efficient faucets, showers, toilets, and washing machines can have a big impact. We provide rebates for high-efficiency toilets and washing machines, and offer single-family residential customers a free conservation kit that includes:

  • Two high-efficiency showerheads (1.5 gallons per minute)
  • One hose nozzle with shutoff valve
  • Two bathroom-faucet aerators (1.0 gallons per minute)
  • Toilet leak tablets
  • One kitchen-faucet aerator (1.5 gallons per minute)

Yes. We encourage the use of high-efficiency household appliances and recommend only running the dishwasher when it has a full load of dishes. 

Consider investing in water-efficient appliances, replacing a lawn with drought-resistant or low-water-use plants for landscaping, or converting your irrigation system from standard sprinklers to a drip system. We have rebates for many of these improvements and offer a free conservation kit for replacing faucet aerators, showerheads, and garden hose nozzles, along with leak dye tablets to help identify toilet leaks. For more information on our rebates and ways to save, visit our Conservation page.

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